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Sound Equimpment

Two recording facilities where sound is digitally processed, using professional studio equipment: digital mixer Yamaha 02 R, hard disc recorder, Roland VS 1680, stereo sound compressor DBX 1066, multi-effects processor Yamaha SPX 990. Both studious are equipped for recording and post-production sound, special effects and sound design. The software being used is both Sony Vegas Pro and ProTools.

Sound Services

– recording

Two full equipped facilities are ready to record music, voice-over, post synchronous.

– design

Designing and adding sound effects or music to your recordings.

– pitch correction

Correct pitch problems automatically or with manual control, clean-up recorded tracks.

– editing

Synchronizing voices and music, splitting tracks, preparing the sound for the final mix, editing dialogue.

– mixing

Everything has to have its proper dosage and a professional knows how to deal with various tracks.

– dubbing

We offer regularly a crew of specialized actors for Romanian language dubbing and the expertise of years of dubbing for major clients.

– mastering

This is the main process of making your CD ready to play.

– composing

You can find either a sound data to fit your project or you can benefit from original music composed by experienced people.