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Authoring and Mastering

Authoring is the process of creating a DVD or BluRay Disc capable of playing the way you want it, with specific chapters, menus, submenus, titles, language tracks and subtiles. The authoring process is where all the separate elements that make up the DVD are linked together and functionality is added.

Authoring equipment

Most recent generation of Macintosh, Final Cut Pro, with HDCAM and HDDV on 444 import-export video cards, fiber optic video storage. One special-effects station, and a department created especially for DVD, Blu Ray 2D and 3D authoring using the most powerful software Sony DoStudio 3D bundle edition.

Authoring services

– encoding

When you watch a DVD-Video you are watching video that has been encoded into MPEG-2. MPEG-2 is a compression format that produces broadcast-quality files that are virtually indistinguishable from the uncompressed video source.

– pre-Mastering

Adjust framerates, standards and more. Adding language tracks or subtitle files makes your project been localize for any region you might need.

– design

In essence a DVD should convey its subject. This is achieved through quality design applied to each aspect of the
DVD, including menus, on-body print and packaging.


There are different output devices your master could be designed for.

– mastering CD multimedia, DVD, BluRay, BluRay3D

Afterwards, you will need a master copy with full functionality made on professional premises.

– replication

DVD, CD and BluRay Replication is a process using a Glass Master made from your master, which is then used to make copies that are stamped from scratch.

– printing

Full color labelling, cases and packaging choices for a truly retail-ready, for the professional look and feel your project deserves.